Upcoming Troop Events

Rev 9/19/18

Event / Activity Location Date Time


MIA/ POW Ceremony Ivandell Cemetery 9/21/18 6:15pm
Steve Cuiffo Eagle Carwash Gulf Station Rt 202 Yorktown, NY 9/15/18 9am-1pm
First Troop Meeting SMS Cafeteria 9/18/18 7:30pm
First Committee Meeting Church of the Good Shepherd 9/20/18 7:30pm
Somers Day Somers Towne Center 9/22/18 10am-3pm
Alex Luljuraj Eagle Court of Honor St. Joseph’s Church, Somers 9/30/18 2pm


October Campout    Block Island Oct 6-8, 2018 TBD
West Point Football West Point vs Miami OH 10/20/18
Court of Honor                    Church or the Good Shepherd 10/23/18

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