Author: Andre Sanz

Block Island Day 2

The morning of day 2 started with bacon, sausage and eggs… and a pile of wood for the fire later. Will be cleaning up and heading into town in a bit.

Camp Read – Final

We are packed and 30 minutes ahead of everyone else (even troop 2 Scarsdale)! We’re coming home.

Camp Read – Day 5

We had a great day of sunshine today. Please enjoy the official 376 Camp Read photo. We’re at retreat now and will be heading to rock climbing soon afterwards. All is great here!

Camp Read – Day 4

White water rafting was a huge success with EVERYONE jumping into the river for free swim! Although we were loud on the river, the boys were much quieter (Zzzzz…) on the car ride home!...

Camp Read – Day 3

Camp Read – Day 3

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect with dry sky’s and a warm breeze helping to dry out everyone’s clothing that has been on the drying line since Monday morning 😁). Good weather makes for good...

Camp Read – Day 2

So the rain that held out on day 1… didn’t for day 2. They got off to their first merit badge classes after making and eating French toast. Boys were then active throughout the...